Film: Story of Dido Belle - A mixed-race aristocrat in 18th-century Britain

Late 18th–early 19th century painting by unknown artist of Dido Elizabeth Belle, left, and her cousin. Courtesy Wikipedia
Via Madnews
The second feature to be written and directed by the British filmmaker Amma Asante, “Belle” will tell the story of a mixed-race woman raised as an aristocrat in 18th-century England. Dido Elizabeth Belle (1761-1804) was the illegitimate daughter of Admiral Sir John Lindsay of the British navy and an enslaved woman, herself known as Belle.
The movie is partially inspired by the above painting (artist unknown), in which Dido, wearing a turban, stands to the right of her orphaned cousin, Lady Elizabeth Murray. Both girls were raised by Lindsay’s cousin William Murray, the Earl of Mansfield, and his wife Elizabeth at Kenwood House in Hampstead, near London. It is likely that Dido was adopted as a companion for Elizabeth. She lived at Kenwood for about 30 years.

Asante has cast Gugu Mbatha Raw as Dido in “Belle,” which starts shooting at Pinewood Studios on September 24.

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The short film "Dido Belle" (2006), with Simone McIntyre as Dido Belle

Short documentary of the story of Dido Elizabeth Belle.

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