Ivy Quainoo wins "Voice of Germany" contest

H/T Blackgermans
Ivy Quainoo, the 19-year-old from Berlin, won the first “Voice of Germany” contest in February 2012.  She won the contest with the song "Do you like what you see". Quainoo, whose family is originally from Ghana, triumphed over American Kim Sanders, 43, who lives in Darmstadt and Max Giesinger, 23 and Michael Schulte 21, according to The Local


  1. Afro-Germans are becoming the "Wonder Blacks" of the European continent! A couple of days ago the first Black mayor is elected, Ivy Quianoo wins the Voice of Germany contest, a street is named after the late May Ayim, Afro-German meetings are frequently taking place; even on this side of the Pond, and on and on. I wish to God that Blacks in Spain would follow the Afro-Germans' magnificent example! Thank you, Afro-Europe, for keeping us inspired with their latest victories!

  2. Unfortunaly we, the afro-portuguese, are still waiting for the first black mayor, and it is a shame, do you know why? Because afro-portuguese people exists way before any other european country had any black population. The first group of black slaves, some 2 hundred, arrived in Lagos, Algarve, in 1444. In the XV, XVI and XVII centuries blacks were 10% of the population of Lisbon. They were everywhere, cities and countryside. Due to no segregation laws in Portugal, they eventualy mixted with white portuguese and by mid XIX century there were just mestiços, mulattos wich became fully white at the end of that century.

    1. Thanks for sharing this history of Afro-Portuguese! Relatives who have visited Portugal and Spain all say that Portugal is much, much less racist and hostile toward Blacks than Spain.

      Anyway, Portugal will have its first Black mayor very soon. It's just a matter of time.

    2. Also thanks for the comment. I found out I haven't blogged much about Afro-portuguese community. So if you have some ideas please share them with me. You can mail me at afroeuropeblog@gmail.com

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