Watch Now - French Slavery/Time Travel Comedy "Case Départ"

H/T Shadow and Act. The French time travel/slavery comedy titled Case Départ (Back To Square One) has been released on YouTube. The entire film.

"The French time travel/slavery comedy titled Case Départ, which translates as Back To Square One, opened in France last summer, and was quite a hit in that country, causing a bit of a stir outside of France, particularly here in the USA, where many didn't quite take to the idea of slavery as comedy," wrote Shadow and Act

I must admit, I was quit neutral about the film, but after watching parts of the film I began to remember the historical context of it. I read the book of Stedman, “The Narrative of a Five Years Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam (1796)” and while watching the video everything came to life.

Although the idea of travelling back to the days of slavery is original, I do have my reservations. Slavery has dramatically changed the way black are perceived and how we perceive ourselves, I think that needs reflection, it's shouldn't be the scene of a comedy.


  1. Would a comedy about the Trail of Tears or the Genocide of the Tasmanians be funny? Nope, if only most of us truly knew what our ancestors went through. It is way deeper than what we learned in high school. Way deeper...


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