Video: Afro-European music round-up - New releases

Because of new album releases and new artists, a small compilation of Black European Soul, R&B and Acid Jazz music. First, the British Acid Jazz band Incognito. They released a new studio album "SURREAL in March, one of the tracks is entitled “Goodbye To Yesterday”, see video above.

GERMANY: Y'Akoto - "Tamba"
The 24 year-old newcomer Y'Akoto (half German, half Ghanian) from Hamburg is rapidly making a name for herself in Europe. Check out her live performance in France.

FRANCE: Corneille - Des Pères, des Hommes et des Frères (feat. La Fouine)
This song is released in 2011

UK: Estelle - "Thank You"
All of Me is the second studio album by English R&B recording artist and producer Estelle.

THE NETHERLANDS: Alain Clark - "Let Some Air In"
Alain Clark released his latest album Love Revival a few days ago.

BELGIUM: Iyadede - “F4L
Rwanda born, Belgium raised, Brooklyn residing new-comer, Iyadede (Sabrina Iyadede), makes electronica, pop, soul and afro beat. A few weeks ago she released her video “F4L.

FRANCE: Laura Mayne - "Inside My Love"
Laura Mayne suprised the French audience with her comeback in January. Laura Mayne was part of the Soul/Acid Jazz duo Native in the early 90's.

THE NETHERLANDS: Ntjam Rosie – "Live at Grounds"
And last, but not least, on april 20th the brand new live CD+DVD ‘Ntjam Rosie – Live at Grounds’ was released. The show features live performances of the acclaimed album Elle.


  1. Good post, especially; "Inside My Love", "Let Some Air In" & "Des Pères, des Hommes et des Frères".

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