Support Kiratiana and Pledge to the Multicultural London KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN

Kiratiana Freelon, author of the book "Kiratiana's Travel Guide to Black Paris: Get Lost and Get Found" wants your help to publish her new book "Kiratiana's Travel Guide to Multicultural London".

"This past January and February I explored London for five weeks with one goal – to discover its multiculturalism and write a Travel Guide to Multicultural London. 2012 is a fitting year to highlight the city’s multiculturalism. The Olympic and Paralympic Games will bring the world to London. But how many visitors know that the world is already in London? And what resources are there to help visitors explore this side of London?"

Get more information about her Campaign here


  1. The Multicultural London kickstarter sounds seems that very complicated impression. I think that Kiratiana's travel guide is very helpful for the tourist. Thanks! @ it support london

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