Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Black German Cultural Society of New Jersey 2012 Annual Convention

Katharina Oguntoye, Audre Lorde and May Ayim
Building on the success of the inaugural 2011 conference, the second annual convention of the Black German Cultural Society of New Jersey (BGCSNJ) will be held at Barnard College in New York City on August 10-11, 2012. This year’s convention will focus on the theme of “What Is the Black German Experience?”
The conference will feature a keynote address by Yara Colette Lemke Muniz de Faria, screenings of the films “Hope in My Heart: The May Ayim Story” and “Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984-1992,” and readings by Black German poet-performers Olumide Popoola and Philipp Kabo Köpsell.

In response to recent interest, the BGCSNJ Review Committee has expanded the scope of the conference and invites proposals for papers that engage the diverse histories, experiences and cultural productions of Blacks of German heritage and blackness in Germany and Europe more broadly. We welcome submissions for twenty-minute presentations on three academic panels. Additionally, two panels will be devoted to life writing, oral history and memoir. These two panels will provide a forum for the work of collecting individual accounts and reflections, as well as raising awareness on the overlooked life histories of blacks of Germany heritage and blackness in a wider European context.

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May Ayim and Katharina Oguntoye were also the authors of the book Showing Our Colors: Afro-German Women Speak Out (In German: Farbe bekennen. Afro-deutsche Frauen auf den Spuren ihrer Geschichte)

Hope in My Heart: The May Ayim Story

Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984-1992

Olumide Popoola

Philipp Kabo Köpsell


  1. Excellent! I will make plans right now to try to attend. I bet the great Audre Lorde will be "smiling down upon the participants." It's too bad that she lost her battle with cancer. She had much, much to offer the world about the global African Diaspora. I read her "Cancer Journals" and I could feel her strength in every word.

    This conference will shed further info on the Afro-German Experience. Thanks, Afro-Europe, for sharing this!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. Full details and registration information will be available very soon. It promises to be a very exciting event and I hope that you will be able to join us.

  3. John & Rosemarie, you're welcome.


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