Video: Mini-lecture - London's Black history

In the video Caroline Bressey from London's global university gives a mini lecture about London's Black History.

Caroline Bressey is a lecturer in the Department of Geography, UCL. Her research focuses upon recovering the historical geographies of the black community in Victorian Britain, especially London.

Parallel to this are her interests in ideas of race, racism, early anti-racist theory and identity in Victorian society. A large part of her research uses photography and this interest led her to collaborate with the National Portrait Gallery, London, on the representation of black and Asian people in their collections. She has worked as a curator with the National Portrait Gallery and Museum in Docklands.


  1. Fascinating. Thank you, Professor Brassey, for this rare glimpse into black history in London. I live in Chicago. The Internet makes it possible for people everywhere to benefit from your research. Please continue to share what you discover. Public history is so important.

  2. Very interesting. I hope she keeps this alive, because alot of people in England don't realise black people lived in England before Windrush

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