More Than XY: a visual tribute to Black Fathers & Positive Black Role Models

Curated by Thenublack and the forFATHERS project More Than XY is an exhibition that will celebrate the role of Fathers and positive role models in the Black community. The curators of More Than XY are mounting this show to increase the awareness of the fathers who are active parents in their children’s lives and to provide exposure for the artists expressing their views of fatherhood through visuals.

The show is their way to challenge the often imbalanced portrayal of black men being absent fathers and negative role models. This exhibition celebrates not only the role of Black Fathers but also to highlight positive black male role models who play an integral part in the lives of young people growing up.

While realizing the importance of the individual voice, More Than XY will also encourage visitors to the exhbition to not only to view the works submitted by the Artists, but to be a part of the exhibition themselves by asking them to bring photographs of their fathers/positive role models to be placed on a message wall where they will also be able to write messages to and about their fathers.

Research shows that reading aloud to children is vital because it helps them acquire the information and skills they need in life. The More Than XY show will therefore include a Storytime section for young children attending the show which will include special guests reading some well loved children’s stories to a small group of children.

The first show will take place in London in June and then move to a gallery space in Brooklyn, NY in August.

In London: 17th - 30th June 2012 @ The Darnley Gallery (Centre for Better Health 1A Darnley Road Londen E96QH)

Official Opening: June 17th 3PM to 7:30PM


  1. Love it. I've been wanting to do this for the longest time. I'm thinking to even travel to London from Spain just to see this. We need more things like this

  2. Your blog is my new favorite. Your depth is impeccable and content amazing. Its refreshing to say the least and I'm enjoying every single blog. Thank you for your very meaningful contribution.

  3. Thank you for this article...I even used the photo depicted in an article I'm writing about positive images. THank you.

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