Film: "RasTa - A Soul’s Journey" - With Bob Marley's Granddaughter

Bob Marley's granddaughter Donisha Prendergast in India
Since the 1960‟s, journalists, scholars and filmmakers have been examining the Rastafarian movement in an attempt to explain its origins and its core beliefs. Today, there is a growing collection of literature and films about Rastafari and now, RasTa: A Soul‟s Journey is a welcome addition to this expanding body of work.

RasTa: A Soul‟s Journey, tells the story of the journey of Rita and Bob Marley's granddaughter‟s, Donisha Prendergast, to eight countries -- United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Israel, Canada and Jamaica and Ethiopia -- to explore the roots, evolution and impact of Rastafari.

Donisha acts as the irrepressible and charming guide, educating viewers about a way of life that many know little about beyond the dreadlocks, ganja, and the red, gold, and green. Along the way, she encounters Rastafarian elders, musicians, poets, professors and individuals who share personal stories of the influence of Donisha‟s iconic grandfather, Bob Marley, on their lives.

Moving away from the standing approaches to Rastafari and Jamaica, RasTa: A Soul’s Journey focuses on the international presence of Rastafari and the friendly people and places where the uplifting spirit of the movement can be found. In wanting to carry the torch of her famous family, Donisha uses this film to re-affirm the classic statement of her grandfather that indeed „Rasta is the future‟. At its heart, RasTa: A Soul‟s Journey, is a film that follows and celebrates a young
woman‟s quest as she comes into her own as a Rasta Empress.

With appearances by Rita Marley, Damien Marley, Dr. Benjamin Zephaniah, Ras Levi Roots, RasTa: A Soul’s Journey is a contemporary examination of this fascinating movement. This documentary was Executive Produced and Produced by Patricia Scarlett, Produced by Marilyn Gray, and Directed by Stuart Samuels, along with the help of a team committed to the project and the support of family and friends. This film is now ready for the world to see.

The Film has screened in Canada and the US and will premiere in the UK in October during Black History Month. For Sweden, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the The Netherlands there are no firm dates as yet.

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