Rama Yade, most influential French woman on the internet

Rama Yade is the Grand Prize winner 2012 E-Reputation, which distinguishes the most influential French women on the Internet. The French former Secretary of State beat runner up extreme right-wing leader Marine Le Pen, fifth ended black news anchor woman Audry Pulvar.
The Grand Prize of eReputation wants to award the most influential women in France. “They twitter, blog, comment the news … The eReputation Awards seeks out these committed women, doted with a strong personality. They share their opinions, defend their points of view and are read by hundreds on the internet,” the organisation states.

In an interview with daily news paper Metro Rama Yade says she was "surprised and very honored." When asked if she knew she had so much influence on the Internet, she replied. “ Absolutely not. Internet is a place of expression where you have the least control, since everyone can speak without asking permission. I have never felt or even pretend to have any influence.”

About her presence on the internet she says. "I have lots of activities on the web, with my blog and multiple sites. Perhaps that people want to react to what I say. There may be criticism, but I accept it.

Social media

Rama Yade is more on facebook than on twitter. She feels she can express herself better on Facebook. “On Facebook, I can tell everything I want, post pictures and have lots of friends. It is much more universal, more international than on Twitter, where topics that are talked about are much more purely French.“


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