18 IUS SOLI: A New Documentary by Fred Kuwornu

18 IUS SOLI is a new documentarty by Afro-Italian filmmaker Fred Kuwornu. He examines the law that denies citizenship to young people born in Italy of immigrant parents, because they have no Italian blood.

Ius soli or Jus Soli (the right of soil) refers to the Latin term for birthright citizenship. It's the right to citizenship determined by the place of birth (such as in France or the US). In contrast there is the Ius Sanguinis (the right of blood), applied in Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe, that only gives you the right to citizenship if you can proove that one or both of your parents or grand-parents were/are citizens or members of that nation. If not, even if you were born and raised in Italy, you have no right to be an Italian citizen. But many Italo-Americans or Italo-Argentians who have never been in Italy and doesn't speak Italian has the right to apply for an Italian passport.

Watch the powerful trailer in English below.