"MC" - The black theatre workshop and production company in the Netherlands

MC is a black/multicultural theatre workshop a production company and a venue for new times in old cities in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Their work involves everything from street culture to classical theater: they produce plays, music, and events for theaters, clubs and festivals at home and abroad.

Promo for MC's Hollandse Nieuwe (Holland's new), a theatre festival for new playwrights and theatre makers in the Netherlands

About MC
Western Europe today is a multi-etnic and multi-cultural society, and has been increasingly so over the last three decades. This undeniable reality is next to invisible in its cultural institutions. Mainstream art and culture in Europe does not reflect the reality of its streets. Young European artists who have grown up in this new reality are redefining Europe's identity through their work. MC's theater workshop gives them a stage and nurtures their talent. Our productions explore Europe's new identity: its past and its future.

MC evolved out of Made in da Shade and Cosmic theater. Cosmic theater was Amsterdam's leading multicultural production company. Made in da Shade was the dutch pioneer of urban, multimedia theatre. The strengths of both groups come together in MC - multicultural, multidisciplinary and cutting edge - Masters of Ceremony for the new Europe.

We are building our own theatre on the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam which opened in the spring of 2010: 2 studios, a theater that seats 200 people, and a place to ha ng out, dine and dance. A place where new stories are told and old stories are reinterpreted. A house for multiple art-forms: music, new media, dance, exhibitions etc, but always with theatre at heart.

Artistic Director is Marjory Boston

MC plays PUSH at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival in South Africa.

See MC at www.mconline.nl

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