Label Noir - Afro-German theatre company performs "Home Bittersweet Home"

Label Noir

 "Label Noir" is a group of professional black actors, directors and writers who add a new perspective to the dominant white theater landscape in Germany. Moses Leo, a member of the ensemble, explains how political satire, drama, and stage reading unveil a small piece of federal republican reality.

In an interview in Euromight with Moses Leo, one of the actors of Label Noir, he explains the background of the play "Home Bittersweet Home".

Heimat, bitters├╝sse Heimat (Trailer)

Question: Since the beginning of 2009 you have been performing the play "Home Bittersweet Home". How was the play produced?

Moses Leo: Lara-Sophie Milargo, the head of our ensemble, wrote the script. While studying in London, Lara-Sophie, who is a writer, an actress and a singer, started writing about her experience of everyday racism, which is a collective experience. And we practically took it from there, improvising around the topic. Eventually our first play "Home Bittersweet Home" was created.

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See actors Lara-Sophie Milagro and Moses Leo in their demo reels
English demo reel Lara-Sophie Milagro

Moses Leo - Demo reel with English subtitles

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