Video: Skunk Anansie "God Loves Only You" - live in Amsterdam

On 26th June the English rock band Skunk Anansie played an exclusive show on the building site of the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

See a recent interview with 'Skin' (Deborah Anne Dyer) at The Space


  1. Thanks for sharing that video and introducing me to Skunk Anansie.

    I also want to let you know that I gave a shout out to Afro Europe in this blog post I was writing about how Black people from one culture can't assume that they know about other Black cultures.

    Also, I have a pancocojams blog post on baldheaded women. I also need to add a link to that Skunk Anansie group and your blog to that post.

    Keep on keepin on,

    Your African American sista


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