Video: Lianne la Havas - "No Room For Doubt"

Lianne la Havas, the 22 year old singer from South London, is one of the new stars on the UK music scene.

Garnering praise from both the underground music blogs and mainstream media, she achieved the musician's Holy Grail by appearing on the influential Later...with Jools Holland show, wrote Soulbounce

Her musical taste is influenced by her mother and father. In an interview with Ligature magazine she says: " I grew up with my Jamaican side of my family there was a lot of Reggae and my mum was into R’n’B a lot, the more modern stuff from the nineties. She loved Mary J Blige and Jill Scott so I got well into them through my mum.

Then my dad, he didn’t live with me, but when I would visit him he played all kinds of instruments. So I’d see him play the accordion or the guitar. He would show me a few bits on the keyboard or the guitar. And he was into loads of jazz and world music as well, but he loved Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker. “

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