Stories of young black and white media makers at the European Culture Congress in Poland

The Doc Next Network, an organisation who captures the views of young European media-makers, will have screenings of selected films from their media collection at the European Culture Congress in Poland on 8 + 11 September.

Doc Next Network is collecting videos, stories, photos and other media art productions of all sorts of young people. With the focus on young, emerging documentary-makers and opinion-formers, the Network is building up a broad collection of (alternative) documentaries.

The collection includes short, experimental productions, including videos, blogs, audio reportage and short films, represented on Vimeo and on the respective channels (on-line) of the members of the network. It provides a unique reflection on what living in Europe really means.

There are many interesting videos, so I picked a few.

This film was made by Tony Longe (17 years old, United Kingdom) in 2009 during a workshop by ACAVA for StrangerFestival. This video was selected for the long list of the Youth & Media Programme in 2010.

Silence is a crime, a film was made by Marie-Jo Cima from France.

"There Are Two of Them" is a video of French Hadjara Karamoko-Mercy about her mother and her new mother.

Also intersting is the Portugese video Saudade. It was made by Wilson Teixeira 'ICHA' from Portugal for the ‘Chez Nous’ programme. The title means 'Transition'. The video is about a black neighbourhood in Portugal.

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    Date: 1st – 30th October 2011

    Venue: British Music Experience at The O2 Bubble, London, UK

    The British Music Experience presented by the Co-operative, in association with OOM Gallery will be showcasing an exclusive exhibition of 38 rare photographs celebrating legendary black musicians working in the UK.

    Using a simple camera photographer Pogus Caesar followed the musicians and singers around the famous venues producing a collection that celebrates a style of black music that brings together the UK, USA and the Caribbean.

    From Stevie Wonder in 1989, Grace Jones in 2009 and Big Youth in 2011, this unique exhibition documents how black music, in its Reggae, Soul, Jazz and R&B tributaries of sound, has changed and renewed itself over the decades.

    Journeying from Jimmy Cliff to Jay-Z via Mica Paris and Mary Wilson of The Supremes to David Bowie’s bass player Gail Ann Dorsey, these images conjure up an alphabet of the music of the Black Atlantic.

    The photographs selected from OOM Gallery Archive are also as much about the clubs and venues, as it is about the singers, producers and musicians. The Wailers at The Tower Ballroom, Sly Dunbar at The Hummingbird Club, Courtney Pine at Ronnie Scott’s, Cameo at the Odeon Cinema, Ben E. King at the Hippodrome and the at BBC Pebble Mill, many venues now lost to regeneration or renewal, and only recalled through memory and imagery.

    In their day such venues welcomed black music with open charms, giving safe havens to their audiences, and helping to shape the city’s own distinctive underground and mainstream sound.

    Author and historian Paul Gilroy remarks “Pogus Caesar’s emphatically analog art is rough and full of insight. He conveys the transition between generations, mentalities and economies. These images record a unique period in what would come to be called black British life.”

    In a 30-year career of taking pictures, Pogus Caesar has uniquely captured moments of everyday life with a simple Canon 35mm camera, spontaneously recording the unfamiliar, as well as the celebrated and the iconic. With reference to the title Caesar says ” In my teens, when listening to the latest records, if the song had a wicked rhythm and cool lyrics and we would nod our head and say yeah man, the Muzik Kinda Sweet!

  2. Looking really nice story. I find different arts from here. Especially last one is very admirable. Love to watch that video.

  3. Love that title MUZIK KINDA SWEET - original! A lot of the artistes Pogus photograph. i have seen live performances.

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