Meet the Adebanjo’s - The story of a UK sitcom

Meet the Adebanjo’s is a brand new independent UK sitcom released this summer about a Black British family living in Peckham.

Our story

The story of Meet the Adebanjo’s began over 30 years ago when two men met on the plane from Nigeria to the UK. They just happened to sit next each other but over the 7 hour plane journey they developed a friendship that would last till today. They both only planned to stay in the country for a few years to study but one thing lead to another – they got married, children were born and they both ended up settling in Peckham, London.

Debra Odutuyo – the creator of Meet the Adebanjo’s was the daughter of one of the friends. She had grown up in a loving family full of fun and laughs and as a producer wondered why this was not represented on UK TV. She wanted to do a sitcom which promoted family values, allowed people to laugh and which gave people an insight into her British African culture. She then spent a few years developing the concept and pitching it to major TV Networks.

Not deterred by their constant refusal, in 2009 she sold her car, moved out of her flat to raise the money to produce the series herself. It was just enough for one pilot but her determination and vision impressed a long childhood friend – the son of her Dad’s longtime friend who decided to set up a Production Company – MTA Productions LTD, to make her vision a reality. Within a few months they were able to raise the investment needed to produce a full season independently and the rest they say is the Meet the Adebanjo's you are watching today.

Debra's plan is to create a whole new industry in the UK where more quality programs such as Meet the Adebanjo's that reflect a culture not shown on UK TV can be made and shown around the world.

Meet The Adebanjos - WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!!!

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To fund this new industry 8 episodes of Meet the Adebanjo’s have been released as a Special Edition DVD Boxset for £19.99 in UK and Europe.


  1. I love this show!! To me it is very funny and I watched it from day one. Every character reminds me of someone in my family. This is a prime example of determination….. And if you truly believe in yourself and what you have to offer…it will work out in the end. I wish then continued success….

  2. negroamor4u

    You really can't be serious this show, is well quite lame...Maybe I'm speaking to early being that I only watched one episode....

    For your blog I think all you have to do is create it using the link at the top right...

  3. This show is soo funny!! too bad i cant order your dvd from canada :(

  4. Anonymous i ordered it here in the US. So i don't see why you can't!!! Yes i am serious Rebel...i really like it. It's funny to me and i guess it's a matter of your humor. Truth have you watched it?? lol!


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