Riots in Tottenham north London

"Fire in Babylon," wrote The Voice. Two police cars and a bus were set alight in Tottenham north London yesterday (Aug 6) after a protest, which followed the killing of a 29-year-old man who was gunned down by police earlier this week, turned nasty.

Members of the community in Tottenham, north London, gathered outside Tottenham police station calling for answers into the killing of Mark Duggan on Thursday night (Aug 4).

The father of five received two fatal bullet wounds in a pre-planned operation to arrest him.

The sting had been organised in partnership with Trident, the Met’s special unit for investigating gun crime within the black community.

“It was like fire in Babylon,” one protestor told The Voice. Read the full story here.

But the North London community of Tottenham is not only worried about fysical damage. The cost of the damage is likely to run into the millions, but the cost to the reputation of the area will be much greater.

For Haringey Council and others trying to bring investment into the area, the PR damage done to Tottenham is going to extensive and long lasting.

Local MP David Lammy this morning issued a statement saying: 'The scenes currently taking place in our community are not representative of the vast majority of people in Tottenham. Those who remember the destructive conflicts of the past will be determined not to go back to them.' Read the full story here.

Raw footage of the mood in the streets

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