Creative: Berliner Yamile Yemoonyah travels the world as a digital nomad

She calls herself a digital nomad, creative entrepreneur, indigenous adoptee, proud introvert, sirius mermaid, web biz coach for artists and other creative, free minded spirits. Meet Yamile Yemoonyah a create entrepeneur and world traveller from Berlin.

On her website she writes " I got rid of almost all my stuff except for what fit in my backpack and then I left Berlin, Germany to become a digital nomad traveling the world indefinitely.

This has been my goal for a while now and I am truly proud to have made it a reality. It did take some dedication and a lot of hard work but it’s possible.

There are many ways to go location independent but the way I do it, is through my online business: the CreativeWebBiz website and the services I offer on it (webite building and online biz consulting). All I need is my laptop which doubles as my office and I’m ready to go wherever my heart takes me.

And if I can do it, you can do it too!"

check out her website

Digital Nomad

According to wikipedia a location independent professional—or digital nomad—often adopts Timothy Ferriss' principles of lifestyle design and utilizes new technology to design a lifestyle that allows them to live and work wherever they want —be it from home, the internet cafe, on the beach, or even from the other side of the world.

Timothy Ferris wrote the New York Times bestseller ‘4-Hour Work Week’

On his website I found the video: Wake Up Beast - 4HWW Success - Camila Prada.


  1. Oh, wow, thanks for the feature!
    And yes, it's true that most digital nomads have read Tim Ferriss' book but I actually bought my copy just a few days ago :-)

  2. Yamile, you're welcome. Good luck with the business and the travels!


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