Cape Verde Islands celebrate 36 years of independence + "Kontinuasom" (London)

Photo: The documentary Kontinuasom
Cape Verde Islands celebrate 36 years of independence. So come and celebrate the richness of this country and culture on Sat 9th July at the Lost Theatre, London. Programme from 12.30pm to 5pm.

Appreciate live music. Enjoy traditional dance. Savour tasty delicacies. For more information go to

And also: The film ‘Kontinuasom’

Kontinuasom, film (2009) co-produced by Spain and Cape Verde, displays the hard ordeal of the African diaspora in the search for new opportunities. A migration of the cultural sector, a human capital flight, narrated in the form of documentary through Cape Verdean music, from the most contemporary to the most traditional, which sometimes brings Buena Vista Club Social to mind.

See a beautiful view of the Cape Verde Islands in the documentary

About the film

Beti lives in her homeland – Cape Vert – where she is a dancer in the company Raiz di Polon.

When she is o¬ffered the chance to join a Cape Verdean music show in Lisbon and launch a new career for herself in Portugal, it sets off¬ a deep and essentially Cape Verdean conf ict inside – the identity constructed over the centuries by the diaspora of her people.

J´m bai

Doubts and feelings of melancholy and homelessness hang over her and accompany her as she attempts to make her decision.

The everlasting internal conflict experienced by every Cape Verdean: the desire to flee, the desire to return… expressed and gathered around music, hallmark of the Cape Verdean people.

In 2010 Kontinuasom won the award for best long documentary of Fifai Le Port in the French Festival International Du Film D’Afrique et Des Iles.

Mayra Andrade-"Dispidida

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