Another AfroGerman Killed ...

Today it is11 years ago that Alberto Adriano, a German man of African descent, was killed by three neonazi skinheads. He left a wife and kid. But aggression against black people is not only in the hands of skinheads, police are often quick to treat black people differently and more severely than whites. 

This sometimes leads to drama’s and even death. Christy Schwundeck was recently shot and killed during a police intervention in Frankfurt. Next Saturday there will be a protest at Frankfrut’s main rail station in memory of Christy Schwundeck’s death, and all the other casualties. 

Christy is one of several African descendants living in Germany who have been killed by police in the last decade. Germany hasn’t a monopoly for this kind of violence. People of foreign origin are more likely to be victims of this kind of brutality and several people already died during deportations that go wrong, in Belgium, Austria, Germany and many other European countries. 

 Below I will list the few cases of AfroGermans or Africans living in Germany who were killed by the police, each time cases where the police never had to take any responsibility for the death whether it’d be an accident or not. Forensic Science Colleges has information about programs of study for people who want to learn the skills they need to help police solve terrible crimes like this. This is a beneficial option for people who want to help victims and find answers in the wake of tragedies. 

These cases are rather hard to find, as many victims were either powerless, unknown, without any family or illegal residents. So this is certainly not a exhaustive list, but just a list of the most well known cases. 

Furthermore, not only Africans or Black Germans are victims of this kind of violence, but many Germans of foreign origin are. Still Africa descendents seem to be overrepresented: Christy Schwundeck-Omorodiun 2011 (this article refers to John Anyanwu and John Achidi too) John Anyanwu 1999 N'deye Mareame Sarr 2001(in German) John Achidi 2001(in German) Laye-Alama Condé 2005 Oury Jalloh 2005 Dominik Kuomadio 2006 (this article contains a list of police brutality committed against Africans in Germany) 

 I want to end this post with this decade old German rap song, bringing together most AfroGerman musicians. This song was a protest reaction after Afriano's brutal death by 3 neonazi's ...


  1. So I guess the situation in Germany (and dare I say the rest of Europe as well) as it is in the US. The police may act with impunity against certain "undesireable" populations, particularly the poor, blacks, and other minorities in many situations. I am near Miami, and there was a police shooting at the end of May during which the police tried to confiscate peoples' cell phone videos in order to do on-scene damage control. They even tried to confiscate a news crew's video camera. Police violence against black people is something to be aware of no matter where you are.

  2. Here is a link to the police shooting incident I mentioned:

    Note that it was "Urban Beach Week", where "urban" is a code word for "black".

  3. Very interesting overview Sibo.

    I checked your link Once upon a time. Very dramatic.

  4. Sad that the police (although they do a very difficult job) are never culpaple when they themselves commit a crime or recklessly injure/kill bystanders. The police uniform and shield is better than the best defense attorney money can buy!


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