Video: London rapper AKALA - "Find no enemy"

AKALA ,born Kingslee Daley (27), London, England is a UK rapper who enjoyed critical acclaim during the mid-00s with his progressive Hip-Hop. In 2006 he recieved the MOBO Awards for Best Hip-Hop Artist.

Akala, who is a fan of Jay-Z, grew up in North London, and uses his own life experiences when he writes. “All of my music is life,” he said. “My music is very autobiographical.” Another of his favourite artists is the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. “I love them! They are unique and different, and I would love to work with them sometime.

"Find no enemy" is the single from Akala’s third album “Doublethink” (2010).

In Nov 2010 Akala headlined a live performance at the British Library to launch the Evolving English exhibition and featured performances by the renowned British poet Zena Edwards, comedian Doc Brown and British rapper/activist Lowkey. The live event also included Akala taking part in a Hip Hop panel discussion alongside Saul Williams, US professor M.K. Asante and Lowkey. See the post British rappers criticise Jay-z

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  1. Akala has mad skills! This brother is always on point. I saw him 2 years ago in London and i was impressed. I say impressed because not much impress me. But this brother...was tight! Every verse was on point. Earlier last month he was in the video "This is Black History" and he was on it......

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