Thursday, May 26, 2011

Colour Bar - Belgian-Congolese Mixed Race in Search of his identity (interview)

Roland Gust was born to a Congolese mother and a Belgian father. He grew up in Congo, believing he was white. That is, until his family decided to return to Belgium when he was twelve. Twenty years later, in a recently released documentary, Colour Bar, we follow him in his desire to find a grammar to describe his past. 5 Questions for Roland Gust.– Tom Devriendt (from Africa is a Country)

Read this very interesting interview at Africa is a Country - The Belgian Color Bar

Gunst is a film maker and musician who spend the last 5 years making a documentary about his search for identity. He is also a friend of Afro-Europe blogger Sibo who wrote a story about his film "Colour Bar", you can read it here

For a translation in English click the "CC" button on the right.


  1. Hey
    That was so interesting. I'd like to watch it, do you know if the DVD's got subtitles?

  2. Hi KonWomyn, I don't know, but you can mail him at

    More info:
    order your DVD (12€+ mail expenses) by mail:

  3. yes, the DVD has Dutch, French and English subtitles. You can order it on line.

    And Afro-Europe, you are still doing such a great and wonderful job. i keep on following this great blog. I'm sorry I've been so 'unproductive' but the videoproduction is taking too much of my free time besides the my regular job. Still I hope to share my thing soon.

    Thanks Erik!

  4. Thanks Sibo. No problem, I am looking forward to see your video


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