Video: German soul - Joy Denalane is back again on new album "Maureen"

Spotted on Black Germans: German singer Joy Denalane is in love on her new album "Maureen".

When she sings on her album “mit dir steht die Zeit still" (“with you, time stands still), “du bist was ich will” (“ you are what I want) , “spürst du was ich fühl, denn was ich fühl ist real” (“you feel what I feel, because what I feel is real") it’s clear Joy Denalane has found new love again.

Her new love is her ex-husband Max Herre from who she was separated for four years. With her husband and the father of her sons everything comes together again, in 2011 they celebrated their love comeback.

Joy Denalane - MAUREEN IN SESSION VOL 01 : "Niemand (Was Wir Nicht Tun) feat. Max Herre"

In an interview Joy says: "I have gained a lot of experience in recent years, sometimes very painful. But at the end I am back where I belong, musically and privately."

Her new album "Maureen", named after her middle name will be released 20 May 2011. The first single "Niemand ( Was wir nicht tun)" feat. Max Herre" will be released on 13 May.