French Hip Hop: Suprême NTM - "Qu'est ce qu'on attend" ( "What are we wating for")


The song "Qu'est ce qu'on attend", "What are we wating for.. to set everything on fire" (1998) of the former French Hip Hop group Suprême NTM is probably one the most controversial songs in the history of French Hip Hop.  

This song was accused among others by some politicians to have contributed in unleashing the social riots that France has known in October 2005, according to wikipedia. 

 Rappers Joey Starr (born Didier Morville who is of Martinican origin) and Kool Shen (born Bruno Lopès) founded the Suprême NTM. Their six albums were released by Sony Music Entertainment. With English subtitles


 The news is that rapper Joey Starr promoted poker in a commercial.