Golliwog doll pulled from Australian store so as not offend Oprah during her tour of Australia

The UK blog Madnews wrote that a doll shop in Australia has withdrawn a female golliwog soft toy from its prominent window display to avoid offending the Oprah Winfrey roadshow Down Under.

The store in Melbourne, Victoria, removed the ‘Mamee’ washer woman dolls following a visit by Oprah’s production company ahead of a personal appearance by the popular 56-year-old U.S. talk show host.

Golliwogs are deeply offensive because of their perceived links to slavery and racism.

But the Dafel Dolls and Bears shop in Block Arcade – where 110 of Oprah’s guests will attend a cocktail party tonight – will continue to display other golliwogs which do not cast a black figure in such an overtly servile image.

The store owner declined to comment because she had signed a confidentiality agreement with Harpo productions, but confirmed a meeting had taken place.

‘Oprah’s people came… and yes it was discussed,’ a source familiar with the agreement told Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper. Continue Reading…at Madnews

Since I am not British I would like to know who is buying these dolls and what do they do with them. This is so typical British. It looks like an English boarding school habit.


  1. I don't understand the allure of such items, especially in Australia. Obviously, they knew they were offensive, since they removed them.

  2. Ash, I also don't understand why some people like a 'golliwog'. I hope to find out some day.

  3. So does that mean that once Oprah leaves Australia they will put the golliwogs back in the window display? The owners actually know that they are being racially offensive to black people by having this toy in the window. Its a publicity stunt, the Queen of US TV is making a visit and so to gain a bit of free advertising they pull this rubbish. Oprah's people should have looked for another venue, maybe a venue that has special meaning to the indigenous people of Australia - now that really would be something.

  4. I know in America, people collect them. But they collect ANTIQUE dolls like this, not NEWLY MADE ones. I don't understand why people still make them. If they are offensive now (that O is there), they were also offensive last week,when she wasn't. So why sell them? I don't understand. Keep educating me, Afro Blog! Thanks for this!

  5. The article states that there are other "Golliwog" dolls of other races and peoples. Grow up and get a skin. That to me is not racial if other peoples along with blacks are portrayed this way. I think personally almost all the racism is brought on themselves by themselves. There is still slavery in the world and that is a nightmare and should not be condoned, but I also can see that Oprah and others are black. Unless they don't want to be equal but special. In that case they should make a special Oprah Golliwog just for her.

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