25 Years of ISD: Initiative Black People in Germany

The year 2010 is nearly over. Another few weeks and it’s 2011. I didn’t post much lately but thanks to my blog partner and founder of this website Afro-Europe International Blog is still alive and kicking.

Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland (ISD-Initiative Black Germans) celebrated their 25 years of existence this year and made a little video to commemorate this event. Before the end of this festive year I am happy to post their video now so that people all over the world can experience how ISD keeps on moving, producing and organizing for the benefit of the black community in Germany and will keep on doing this in the future.

I want to thank them again for the great welcoming they gave me when visiting their annual meeting last summer.

25. Years ISD with engl. subtitles from BlackMediaGermany on Vimeo.

Also see the post: Sharing the AfroEuropean Experience. My visit to the 25th yearly Bundestreffen in Germany.


  1. Thanks for showing this video. It is a part of Germany that I would like to see more of.

  2. Thanks for the post Sibo. This is a great video!

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