Video: Sisters Keepers "Liebe Und Verstand" feat Nadja Benaissa and Ayo

The clip "Liebe Und Verstand" is an old Anti-Racism video (2001) of the German group Sisters Keepers, the female version of the German Anti-Racism movement Brothers Keepers.

The video features Nadja Benaissa, who was a rising star at that moment. Also in the clip is Ayo, who was at the beginning of her career. I think it's the only video where Ayo sings in German.

The group Sisters Keepers still exits, in 2008 they released the album "Gender Riots".

They sing: It is nice to see you, just give me your hand. Although we are born here, we are still strangers in this country. It it nice to see you, just give me your hand. We can change something with love and common sense.