Download: Les Nubians vs. Floetry

Via Soul:UK
DJ1derful has put together a great mix for Grown Folks Music, featuring two of the best soul duos in recent memory, Floetry and Les Nubians. You can stream/download the mix below (click on the arrow to download).

Les Nubians – Makeda
Floetry – My Apology
Les Nubians РLibert̩
Floetry – Blessed 2 Have
Les Nubians – Me & Me
Floetry – Fun
Les Nubians – One Step Forward
Raheem DeVaughn – Marathon (feat. Floetry)
Les Nubians – John Banzi (Feat. Lipstik) – Rendezvous
Floetry – Floetic
Les Nubians – Bebela
The Floacist Featuring Josh and Kissi B. – Life in 3D
Les Nubians – Desolee (Roots mix-demo version)
Floetry – Say Yes
Les Nubians – Temperature Rising
Floetry – Opera
Les Nubians – Princesse Nubienne
Floetry – If I Was a Bird