Black French minister Rama Yade sacked after Sarkozy's cabinet reshuffle

The French government has become more white and more rightwing in a reshuffle that has included the sacking of two ministers handpicked by Nicolas Sarkozy to bring ethnic diversity to the cabinet, wrote the Guardian

Senegalese-born Rama Yade, the sports minister, and Fadéla Amara, the minister for urban policies, lost their jobs in the shake-up that also signalled an end to the French president's policy of "openness" to his political opponents and to racial minorities.

Patrick Lozés, president of the Representative Council for Black Associations, expressed his disappointment on his Blog. "November 14, 2010 is a sad day for the diversity in the Republic. Nicolas Sarkozy, announced December 17, 2008: The diversity at the bottom of the country must be illustrated by diversity at the head of the country. This is not a choice, this is an obligation." He added, "I note barely two years later that the commitment was not kept."

About Rama Yade Lozés wrote, “I particularly regret the departure of Rama Yade from the government. Her leaving is a heavy symbol for all French from visible minorities."


  1. Hi
    What's been the response of the French public? Sarkozy has always had it in for her because she was too outspoken. In the UK there hasn't been much press coverage of this but I think it's pretty significant that women of colour have been dropped from government.

  2. Hi KonWomyn, I have no idea what the response was, but I do know she was very popular.


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