Soul music in the Netherlands – The album “So Soulful Volume 2”

The Dutch Soul magazine Quality Time Online has released the album "So Soulful Volume 2". A compilation album packed with music from fresh Soul talent from Holland. And it’s free for download here

If you want to listen to the music first check out the playlist below. Because the album is compiled as one single track I've added the starting time of the songs so you know who is singing.

Tracklist: So Soulful Volume 2 (with start times)
Complete tracklist ‘So Soulful Volume 2
01 So Soulful Intro Sylvana Simons 00.00
02 Mischu Laikah ft D-Felic – Mission 00.25
03 Shirma Rouse – Gotta Be My Girl 02.32
04 Giovanca – Lovechild 04.22
05 Roos Jonker – Still There 06.46
06 Interlude Sylvana Simons 09.16
07 Full Crate & Mar – Aftersexin’ 09.50
08 Pure The Artist – Rollin’ 11:05
09 Pam Feather ft. GMB – There’s Someone Else 13:46
10 Interlude Sylvana Simons 15:16
11 THEprinceOFbeatz ft. Rebekka Ling – In Love Again 15:36
12 Steffen Morrison – Damn These Eyes 17:08
13 Jalise – Permanent Lover 18:53
14 Neenah – Special Kind Of Love 21:35
15 The Foreign Exchange – Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me 22:54
16 Interlude Sylvana Simons 24:29
17 Cinnamon Brown ft. Ollie The MC – Without You 25:04
18 Secure – Secure (get Up) 27:47
19 LQ ft. Ash-Lee – Hate And Love 29:17
20 Aïscha ft. Black Spade – I Want U 31:53
21 Interlude Sylvana Simons 35:50

Some technical information: If you can't open the downloaded music file you can download the software to unzip the file here


  1. I downloaded this cd thanks to Afro Europe and it is really good. Man i have been reading this blog for at least 2 years now... Very good blog! I said a few weeks ago i was going to stop responding and reading this blog. But i always come back to what is good. For how long not sure...

  2. For two years? Send me an e-mail, I have to ask you something. Mail to

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