"A Nos Morts" - A Hip Hop play about the forgotten soldiers of France

"A Nos Morts" is a French Hip Hop musical about the forgotten liberators of France who fought in World War I and II. The musical was performed in September in Koln (Germany).

Influenced by the Hip-Hop-Culture of the suburbs of Strasbourg, this performance melts poetic texts with urban sounds as well as with a contemporary dance choreography - all this is taking place to the backdrop of historical film and photo material. The production is reminiscent of hundreds of thousands colonial soldiers from the former French colonies who fought for France in 1914-18 and 1939-1945 and contributed to the victory of France

According to the creators the history of the forgotten soldiers is also relevant today. “Faced with the rise of intolerance and discrimination, it is important for the new generations to know that diversity was also in the ranks of those who liberated France. The transmission of these memories participates in the construction of a collective history necessary to bring communities together and recognizing each other.”

"A Nos Morts" is also a monument in Strasbourg (France) which was raised in 1936 in memory of the children who died during World War I.

See more information at www.cie-memoires-vives.org

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