Soul music in France - The album "Soullissme"

A compilation of music of French Soul artists can be downloaded for free.

In recent years Soul music made a comeback in France, but mainly trough concerts. At some point it became legitimate to call it the "French Soul scene".

As a result of this trend an album was compiled with Soul music of French artists. The album is entitled 'Soullissme’ and was released in May 2009.

The album features 19 songs and you can download the complete album for free. See more information at website ‘Soullissme’

Or download the album immediately here

If you want to listen to the music first check out the playlist below.

Playlist with the names of the artists
1 – Rycko – Comment te dire
2 – Sabrina Adel – Shoobeedoop song act1
3 – Sandy Cossett – L'emmerdeur
4 – Leslie Phillips – Il est temps
5 – Monsieur Nov – J’voulais qu’on se pose
6 – Natho – Dis moi
7 – Freddy – Elle veulent tout
8 – D3CCPT – U&I feat. Sly Johnson
9 – Kohndo – Je serai là feat. Dwele
10 – Jango Jack – Fleur du Ghetto
11 – Rony – J’me dis (remix)
12 – Akoma Aya – Créolité urbaine feat. Afrosoulicious
13 – Erik – Elisa
14 – Habib Kane – Juste un sourire
15 – Aldrick – Franchement tu m’énerves
16 – Shad Murray – Soul music
17 – Quinze – Seul
18 – Jaleenah Birdland – Out of my word
19 – Third Shot – Sweet miracle

Some technical information: If you can't open the downloaded music file you can download the software to unzip the file here


  1. this is some absolutely funky goodness right here. absolutely. i'm a alternative/indie soul musician in the US and i'm really sopping this up. right on.

    posting on my blog, too:

    thanks so much.

  2. Here is another great cd...thanks to Afro Europe. I love this even though my french is limited. But you don't have to understand the lyrics to love this music. I was lucky enough to chat with a brother in charge of the cd and he helped me understand most of it. It took us awhile...but this brother was so cool! Ended up becoming a good friend.

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