Sweden's First Black Prime Minister?

Sweden's Minister of integration Nyamko Ana Sabuni (1969), currently serving as Swedish Minister for Integration and Gender Equality , wants to become Prime Minister of Sweden. But does she really have chance to become the female Barack Obama of Europe, or is it just a political daydream?

The Times wrote about her: Ms Sabuni has never made any secret of her ambition to be Sweden’s first black Prime Minister. Some see parallels between her and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali refugee who renounced Islam, became a Dutch MP and spoke out against the religion, only to relocate in the US after a row about her asylum application.

“We are compared because we are both young, we are both black, we are both politicians,” Ms Sabuni said. “The mission of Ayaan is to reform Islam. My mission is not to reform Islam, my mission is to say that certain traditions are unacceptable. ” Read: Young, black, Swedish – the minister for controversy.

On Zuseeko's official Blog I read a very interesting opinion about Sabuni and her ambition. You can read part of it below.

Despite the recent Increase in "White Power" Groups and outright Violation of Civil Rights in the Scandinavian country. This might come as a surprise to you because you probably think Sweden would be one of the last countries in Europe to have a person of African descent occupy the highest office in the land - Office of the Prime Minister. You're wrong!

It is worth mentioning that despite Sweden's generosity, there is a glass ceiling all across the continent. The odds of a person of "color" becoming Sweden's prime minister anytime soon are slim, but make no mistake - Sabuni might as well be setting the stage. When Barack Obama claimed victory in November 2008, he said his presence on the stage was unlikely and that in no other country on Earth is his story even possible. Could this be true? Is it impossible for a person of African descent to be in the realm of political power in a country in Europe? Read more on Zuseeko's official Blog

It is interesting that she is compared with Ayaan Hirsi Ali.


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  3. The ruling classes are very afraid that if heads of State in so-called European or White dominated societies become empowered it will shift the paradigm of our global society. If we think for a moment that there were Sovereign governments ruled by people of African descent for 700 years, including but not limited to Moors in Spain. Moreover dynasties ruled by women of purely African descent for ages. Those of which who constructed highly sophisticated systems of both civil engineering and education during there 7 centuries in power. There must be within the hearts and minds knowingly or unconsciously the desire to return to a dynasty of that magnitude for those descended from the once powerful group that are currently residing in nations across the planet. Living on land masses that have been "claimed" in treaties and protocols. The point is that I don't view this as some foreign phenomenon that peoples of African descent will ascend to the highest levels of government because in fact its a natural position considering facts surrounding the history of these great architects of civilization. What's more is that once there are several heads of state that do descend from this blood line, we will undoubtedly see improvements in global society.

    1. um sweden was never one of those african dominted nations it was scandivain

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