Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spanish Concha Buika nominated for Latin Grammys and Mobo

Spanish singer Concha Buika is nominated for the Latin Grammys for her album El Último Trago, in the category Best Traditional Tropical Album. For the album she partnered with Cuban pianist Chucho Valdés.

In April 2009, Buika and Valdés got together in Abdala studios in Havana, convened by Spanish guitarist and producer Javier Limon, to pay tribute to the legendary singer Chavela Vargas on her 90th birthday.

And she is also nominated for the UK MOBO Awards, but in the category Best African Act: Concha Buika (Equatorial Guinea). But Best African Act!?

Buika was born in Palma de Mallorca in Spain, only her parents are from Equatorial Guinea. There is nothing Equatorial Guinean about her music, her music is Flamengo/Jazz/Latin.

See "Se me hizo facil", a collaboration with Cuban pianist Chucho Valdés

Strange MOBO, in the US she is nominated for the second time as Latin artist, and in her hometown Europe she is nominated as an African Act.


  1. Strange from MOBO.
    Good point here.
    AfroEuropeans are often 'mistaken' for Africans once being on the world scene, except for Black British artists and politicians.

  2. This is a difficult one. I know a case where a similar mistake was made.
    For the artist it turned out well, he actually won the award.


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