Video: Black Brazilians from the Diaspora meet Africans

Because it’s always interesting to see how black people from different countries connect with each other, here’s the video: "Na nga def: Diasporics Encounter Africans".

The video is about a meeting in 2008 between young black Brazilian women from the Diaspora and young African women from various countries. Most interesting remark: "I thought Brazil was all white."

The video is a promo of a documentary that's going to be released soon, referring to the encounter of young activists from the African Continent and its Diaspora who got together at the Gorée Island in Senegal - one of the three main slave-shipping point from where enslaved Africans were brought to the Americas for three and a half centuries. Na nga def? (How are you?) was a greeting in wolof, which youngsters from Diaspora repeated daily while in Gorée during 30 days of July 2008.

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