Antonio Guzman's search for his African ancestry + AfroLatinos

I have posted a few videos about Guzman's search of the African gene - "The State of L3" (Amsterdam), but the next videos show his search for his African roots.

Antonio Jose Guzman is a Dutch-Panamanian audiovisual artist. Born in Panama City, Panama in 1971. Lives and works in Amsterdam, Recife, Panama City and Dakar.

I think his search for his Black Panamanian roots can be placed in the trend of exploring the culture and the social issues of Black people in South and Central America, and the rise of a new Black assertiveness in Latin America. So also see the trailer of the documentary AfroLatinos.

Trailer of the documentary AfroLatinos.


  1. Antonio is a great artist and a good man
    the picture said all about him

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