Will Holland win the World Cup?

23rd JUNE 1988. European Championships Final. Holland 2 v USSR 0. Holland's captain Ruud Gullit
Will Holland win the World Cup? Somehow most of the Dutch critics believe Spain will win. One critic said: "Lets be honest, we aren't really that good."

Even Dutch legend Ruud Gullit had his doubts about this team. Ruud Gullit, who scored the opener in the 1988 European Championship final triumph against the USSR and also coined the phrase "sexy football", believes that to make an impact in South Africa, the Netherlands may have to sacrifice style for substance and abandon their traditional 'total football' approach.

"I have my doubts about whether Holland can win it, simply because we need to play well in all the games," he said. "The opposition seem to have sussed us out at the last few tournaments, which makes it difficult to play our game, but I hope we will do well. There is a great possibility to get through our group but it's going to be hard. I always hope that, when we get through our group, we can win games ugly - that would be a turning point." (source ESPN)

But although Spain has a great competition, they have never won the World Cup. It's fifty/fifty.