Summer Carnival Rotterdam 2010 – Street parade July 31st

Summer Carnival is a yearly 3-day Caribbean Carnival in the city centre of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Summer Carnival, similar to the carnival in Rio, is a huge event where at least 900.000 visitors come from all over Europe to dance to the latin music and look at the colourful and amazing costumes and floats in the big street parade.

Promo Summer Carnival 2009

On Saturday July 31st the big Street Parade emerges in the city centre. At night there is still a lot to see on the two live stages.

The Carnival started out as a local Carnival of the Dutch Antillean community in Rotterdam, and grew out to an international big city event.

Queen Election on July 24th,
the Battle of Drums on July 30th
Street Parade and Live On Stage on July 31st.



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