What’s R. Kelly doing at the World Cup?

What’s R. Kelly doing at the World Cup? This is one of the biggest world events and they let R. Kelly perform?

R. Kelly’s new song “Sign of a Victory” is chosen as one of the three official 2010 FIFA World Cup anthems. Kelly and the South African group the Soweto Spiritual Singers, will perform “Victory” at the June 11 opening ceremony in Johannesburg.

I know Mr Kelly was never convicted of having, how shall I put it .., "indecent video material", but I when I heard of it I never listened to his music again.

Couldn’t they have chosen someone who is more ..., how shall I put it, in line with modern international Black standards.


  1. I gave up on him after I saw the video. And it was clearly him.

    Can't support a rapist convicted or not.

  2. go kill yourselves... why would you watch a video of a man allegedly having sex with a minor?

  3. I prefer the song by K'naan: Wavin' Flag.


  4. Asabagna, thanks! And Tafari, I couldn't have said it any better.

  5. well, that's a difficult one. I still do listen to his music (some songs are just too damn good, simple, right on). But you will never see me spend one cent for it ... and besides, a lot of great artists were dirty nasty men. and compared to them r.kelly is not even as great.

  6. What’s R. Kelly doing at the World Cup? He thought there would be two girls there

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