AfroGerman week: Rapper Samy Deluxe

One of Germany’s most famous rappers. In 2001 he scored a hit with his debut song "Weck mich auf" (Wake me up" from his debut album “Samy Deluxe”.

Delux is a member of the German anti-racism project Brothers Keepers.

A snippet from "Weck mich auf"
We live in a country where there are more barriers then roads,
More walls then bridges, the mood´s depressing.
And our elders ask: Why do I smoke weed on daily bases?
And why is that that my generation and me are so depressed?
All day we are surrunded by living death ...
Surrounded by signs saying : “Do not enter!”
Surrounded by skinheads, taking lives of Turks and Africans .. See full translation here

See an English subtitled video below



  1. Thanks to bring Samy to the foreground, I've been following this guy for 10 years now. He did somthing with Afrob (SDA), some kind of Method Man + Redman in German. Wasn't that good though. Recently he dropped this great track with Monroe as beatmaster and Xavier Naidoo on the chorus: "Grosses Problem" (Big Problem)


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