Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AfroGerman week: Rapper Samy Deluxe

One of Germany’s most famous rappers. In 2001 he scored a hit with his debut song "Weck mich auf" (Wake me up" from his debut album “Samy Deluxe”.

Delux is a member of the German anti-racism project Brothers Keepers.

A snippet from "Weck mich auf"
We live in a country where there are more barriers then roads,
More walls then bridges, the mood´s depressing.
And our elders ask: Why do I smoke weed on daily bases?
And why is that that my generation and me are so depressed?
All day we are surrunded by living death ...
Surrounded by signs saying : “Do not enter!”
Surrounded by skinheads, taking lives of Turks and Africans .. See full translation here

See an English subtitled video below

Website: www.samy-deluxe.de/

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  1. Thanks to bring Samy to the foreground, I've been following this guy for 10 years now. He did somthing with Afrob (SDA), some kind of Method Man + Redman in German. Wasn't that good though. Recently he dropped this great track with Monroe as beatmaster and Xavier Naidoo on the chorus: "Grosses Problem" (Big Problem)



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