Russia: Afro Russians Discuss Discrimination

Black Russian is an interesting video trailer I found on the blog Afro Black people

Blogger Raenita Wallace wrote: "This is a preview of an interesting documentary [Black Russians] detailing the black experience in Russia. These people felt discrimination from others against them, even though the ruling Communists' Party publicly decried the existence of racism in Russia. Racism seems to be on the upswing in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union and the establishment of capitalism. The jobless and poverty rate have given birth to outspoken white supremacists groups who now practice racism openly."

It's a story that must be heard.

On the international blog "The Walrus and the Carpenter" there is also an interesting and recent post about the Black Community in Russia, you can read it here

And see also the story on the blog: Noirs d'Amérique Latine

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