Queen's Day Amsterdam 2010

Some pictures of our Queen's Day. Yesterday was Queen's Day - Koninginnedag in Dutch - in Amsterdam, wich means walking, eating, and buying things from people in the streets. Due to weather the city wasn't as crowded as last year, and it showed.

Because Queen's Day is a national event it's kind of custom that you wear something orange. The colour orange is the national colour of the Netherlands.

This picture was taken at the Weteringsschans, and yes we went into the crowd. Normally you would feel like walking in a pinball machine, but this year it was easy to get through.

Music at the Museumplein. The place to be a on Queen's Day. A lot of life music and fast food. In the background you see the Dutch national museum (or Rijksmuseum).

A place to eat.

A photo made by a lady

We liked the auto rickshaw, but when we looked at the photo later we saw someone say ..

Het Stedelijk Museum or the city museum. But it's closed, and it is being renovated and expanded.

I should say happy anniversary queen Beatrix, but April 30th (Queen's Day) was the birthday of her mother. Bea decided not to change it.

If you are a celebrity you probably liked the buffet at the Amstel Hotel.

Amsteldijk. In the white house on the corner I had my Transcendental Meditation course when I was 15. I took the course long time ago when people were financially nice to each other. For the record, the TM organisation has left this building long time ago. The house is on the other side of the Amstel Hotel.

Metro station Wibautstraat

Art in the metro.

Getting out at metro station Ganzenhoef in the Bijlmer. It's a neighbourhood in the district Amsterdam South East, the district where al lot of Surinamese, Antillean and Ghanaian people live. Gentrification, or Urban renewal as they call it here, is dramatically changing the neigboorhood and the communities.

Ground level Ganzenhoef.


  1. Wow, this looks like a lot of fun. I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam. It looks so beautiful...and clean. I love the architecture, too.


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