A.C. Global Voices - Black media starting guide (UK)

The website A.C. Global Voices is an online directory of all of the African Caribbean community information/talk/debate shows across the world.

Though the main emphasis is on radio programmes, the website also promotes other current affairs based media such as TV stations, magazines, newspapers and newsletters.

In an interview with Ligali the founder Chigbo John-Paul Ibe explaines why he created the site. "I would hear people ring into shows complaining about;
‘How there aren’t enough forums out there for Black people to have discussion’,
‘Community organisation not knowing how to promote their events to the wider community’

This triggered me to think about ways of getting the information to the wider community. I originally thought about publishing a directory in paper format. However I found it too expensive.

The only option was to create a website. I did procrastinate over the idea for a while, but after encouragement from some friends I decided to push on with it last October."

Read the full interview on Ligali

Website: A.C. Global Voices

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