Theatre: "Off the Endz" - London

From left to right: Daniel Francis, Lorraine Burroughs, Ashley Walters
Off the Endz is a new play by Olivier award winning writer Bola Agbaje, featuring Ashley Walters (BBC1’s Small Island, ex-So Solid Crew). Royal Court Theatre, 11 Feb - 13 Mar in London.

"My future is here. My aim is clear and simple. I want out. I wanna be rich. I'm not gonna pretend it's anything more than that and I want it now."

David (Ashley Walters), Kojo (Daniel Francis) and Sharon (Lorraine Burroughs) grew up on a London estate. Now in their mid 20s, they're eyeing another kind of life. But how do you choose the right path when temptation lies around every corner? If your emotional or financial debt is sky high, how do you buy your way out?

Bola Agbaje's smart, savvy second play for the Royal Court asks whether being out of the system might be just as good as being in it.

Bola Agbaje came through the Royal Court's Critical Mass programme. Her debut play Gone Too Far! premiered at the Royal Court in 2007, and won an Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement and a Most Promising Playwright nomination at the Evening Standard Awards 2008. Her other plays include If Things Were Different, In Time and Anything You Can Do for Soho Theatre. Most recently Detaining Justice opened as part of the Not Black and White season at the Tricycle in November.

Royal Court Theatre