Queendom: "Home is where the heart is" (Norway)

The Norwegian group Queendom is an Oslo based theatre group of five black women with backgrounds from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, Trinidad and Gambia. All the members of the group are professional theatre artists

Queendom came to the attention of the Norwegian public in 1999 after the premiere of the cabaret 'Queendom On The Rocks- the world seen through the eys of five Black women'. Since then Queendom has produced another two comedy shows, a satirical book, a TV mini-series and continues to compose new, inspiring music .

Queendom now tours and performs extensively as a popular world music band, around Norway and abroad. They have performed at numerous events hosted by commercial companies, festivals, state institutions and NGO's.

Audiences include several Nobel Peace Prize laureates, ministers and members of the Norwegian royal family - as well as ordinary people of all ethnic backgrounds.

Queendom - "Home is where the heart is". Filmed in Bagamoyo, Tanzania August 2009 as part of TV-Aksjonen for NRK (Norway).

Offical website Queendom.

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