Official launch of “La Fédération des Associations Africaines et Créoles” (France)

“La Fédération des Associations Africaines et Créoles” (FAAC), or the Federation of associations of Africans and Creoles is the name of a new French organisation. Their aim is to create a network of young entrepreneurs, and highlight their contribution made to France.

Official launch is set on Thursday February 25th in Paris, and you’re invited.

The FAAC is an initiative of the Martiniquen entrepreneur Franck Anretar, who is also the CEO of the music distribution company “la société Good Music Diffusion", and the organiser of the French cultural awards ceremony “Les Trophées des arts afro-caribéens” .

Main goal of the FAAC is to create a professional network, and to expand the economic influence of young entrepreneurs from the French overseas territories ( “ la ultramarine”) and Africa.

According to the press release the organisation aims to bring together associations of people from Africa and the overseas “on joint projects to value their assets, so they can speak with one voice and ensure their interests” .

The Federation also wants to highlight the contributions made to France. FAAC: “Often, diversity and immigration are seen as an expense in the collective mind. We want to bring attention, through actions and accomplishments, to our contribution to the national economy. It is why, today, we need to organize and structure ourselves to exploit this wealth.”

Through its clusters (training, youth, economy, culture, solidarity, education, sports, health, communication) the FAAC is developing multidisciplinary working groups composed of recognized experts by their peers.

The FAAC wants to contribute to Fance. In their vision France can now be compared to a modern family structure which is commonly known as a “famille recomposée" or "blended family". A family in which each member brings his singularity while adapting to another. Through the federation the members want to their make contribution to France.

The official launch of the FAAC will be on Thursday, February 25 at 11 am at the following address:
Bateau L’Alizé, Port de la Râpée, 75012 PARIS
Métro / RER : Gare de Lyon sortie rue Van Gogh / Gare d’Austerlitz.

The speakers are:
Frank ANRETAR, President of the FAAC
Elie NKAMGUEU, President cluster Health
Yasmine HAMRA KROUA, spokeswoman of the FAAC
Jean-Christophe DUTON, President of the cluster Formation
François DURPAIRE , Advisor Formation
Vincent TRAVAILLEUR, President cluster Sport
Yvan BIRDA, President cluster Education
Pedro PIRBAKAS, President of the cluster Youth

In the presence of Olivier LAOUCHEZ , Joseph DUNOYER, Abderrahmane DAHMANE, and members of Federal Council, ambassadors, and many personalities.

Press contact
Kalenge TAFIAL
06 32 48 64 50

For more information see the official press release (French) here.

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