Harry Belafonte talks about racism in Germany

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The artist and UNICEF ambassador Harry Belafonte visited the Amadeu Antonio Foundation in Berlin to discuss right-wing extremism and racism in Germany. And to inform himself of the situation of victims of right-wing violence. He emphasized the responsibility of artists and musicians of organising themselves against racism and other forms of oppression. The visit was on February 1st.

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation, is an German organisation that has been working in numerous ways to strengthen a democratic civil society. The aim is to resist neo-Nazi violence, racism and anti-Semitism

In the conference room of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, he met with Brother Keepers frontman and singer Ade Bantu, filmmaker Tyron Ricketts, rapper Quiet Storm, and many others. Brothers Keepers is a German-based transnational anti-racism project, bringing together hip hop, reggae and soul musicians.

Belafonte had many questions: why is racism is so prevalent in Germany and who is doing what about it? With what is Amadeu Antonio Foundation successful?

He made it clear that he sees racism as a global problem, also in Africa or the USA. He was shocked about the fact that there are "no-go areas" for blacks and other people who do not fit into the worldview of Nazis, and that politicians don’t action against. Or that black in big cities are often seen as drugs dealers by the police.

His visit to Germany and the Amadeu Antonio Foundation is part of his project to learn more about racism in the different countries. After Berlin he will travel to London and Paris. He will accompanied by camera team. Read full story here (German)

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  1. was harry belafonty ever in eourope in 1953? and did he have a girlfriend there? a german girl?


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