A Dutch black woman celebrating a right wing victory?

I wrote a post on August 6th 2009, but I never posted it. It was about a black or Asian woman at a meeting of a right wing political party called the PVV. It's the party of Geert Wilders, the one that tours the planet to "warn" us about Islam.

Tomorrow there will be elections for the city counsels in the Netherlands, and the Anti-Islam party of Geert Wilders will participate in two cities, Almere and The Hague. The polls favour him, and the predictions are that he will win the majority of the seats in these city counsels.

The sad part is that some Surinamese people will actually vote for him, for a number of reasons. Black and Asian. I think I am missing something.

Here is my post I didn’t post. 

Black and Right Wing

A newspaper photo of a black young woman at a celebration party of the Dutch right wing political party the PVV. It’s the party of the Dutch politician Geert Wilders who was denied access to the UK because he wanted to show his famous anti-Islam film Fitna. The party had a massive victory in the Netherlands at the European elections because they only had one slogan: say no to Islam.

So what’s that black girl doing there? What’s a black woman doing at a celebration party of a political party which is ready to team up with the big anti-Islam, anti-immigrant and anti-black political parties in Europe.

I wanted to ask the same question to the Dutch black female gospel singer who sang at the kickoff meeting of another anti-Islam party in the Netherlands. She sang for a party who stated that minorities had no voice in the party.

There is context here of course. The Netherlands has increasingly turned right wing due to huge problems with a small part of the Moroccan Islamic youth, and the killing of filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a Moroccan extremist. Van Gogh made the Islam film Fitna with Islam criticaster Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

I agree that everyone has a right to have a controversial political view. But somehow I thing that as black person in Europe you must find a way to not only to have black awareness, but also to have minority awareness as well. Which can be very difficult sometimes.


  1. Good post. Minority-ethnic support for the far right seems to be a growing trend across Europe, not even as a form of protest, but as genuine but sorely misguided support. The future does not look good.

  2. Hi KonWomyn. Yes you're right. And the minority issue goes even futher. The right wing leader Geert Wilders has Indonesian roots.

  3. Some black Americans support right wingers because they're anti-immigrant. Nobody likes immigrants in America now. It's not unthinkable for a black person to not like immigrants.

    The difference is that America is blacks' country. The black woman above has ancestry elsewhere. She must truly hate herself since she isn't Dutch at all. and supports a party that advocates for evicting non-Dutch.

    She must live in a house with no mirrors.

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