Black athlete carries Dutch flag in Olympic procession Winter Games

Dutch bobsledder Timothy Beck carried the Dutch flag in the Olympic procession at Winter Games in Vancouver. He was chosen for his achievements as a team builder. It’s Beck’s third Olympics.

For Dutch flag bearer Timothy Beck the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Vancouver became a special night with many emotions.

When the French Canadian musician Garou played the song "Un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin", (A little higher, a little further) Beck’s thoughts were with his deceased parents for a moment. Beck: "I thought: you have done well, that your son is now standing here".

Moments earlier there was a one minute silence for the Georgian luger Norad Koemaritasjvili, who crashed earlier that day.

"This is of awful of course. It already casts a shadow over the Olympics."

For Beck the lugar accident is an extra warning, because he will also start on this track with his bobsled team.


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